Reseller Hosting vs. Affiliate Programs: What Brings More Profit?

If you plan to start your eCommerce-based business, you can choose suitable Windows or Linux Reseller Hosting plans and affiliate programs. 

Both affiliate programs and cPanel Reseller Hosting are popular ways to earn passive income in the web hosting industry.

But, before selecting which business to start, you need to know these two plans’ specific advantages and disadvantages. Though to some people, they may seem the same, Reseller Web Hosting and an affiliate program differ significantly. 

This article provides a detailed analysis of what will be best for you to earn passive income and generate more profit for your business.

Choosing the best hosting reseller programs from a suitable service provider is essential if you search for web hosting plans

This article will help you select the best Reseller Hosting services to know more.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller Hosting allows small and medium-sized web hosting companies (SMBs) to sell hosting plans using third-party web servers. 


They pay a monthly fee based on rented resources and set customer prices. It’s great for agencies managing multiple websites via a control panel. As a reseller, you are the hosting company offering clients website hosting services.

Key Takeaway

  • Allows small and mid-size businesses to sell hosting plans using third-party web servers.
  • Pay a monthly fee, and set your own pricing and profit margin.
  • Total control over branding and marketing.
  • The host provides technical support.
  • Scalable business but requires upfront hard work.
  • More control over pricing and customer base.

What is Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a commission-based system where web hosting companies promote their products and services with the collaboration of bloggers, influencers, or companies. 


Web hosting companies pay commissions to these affiliates to drive traffic and grow conversions on their websites or platforms.

Key Takeaways

  • Promotes web hosting products/services through online ambassadors.
  • Earn commissions for driving traffic and conversions.
  • No sales support or customer service is required.
  • Free to join; approval is needed from the hosting company.
  • Offers passive income but limited business growth opportunities.

Key Differences: Which one to choose?

The essential differences between Reseller Hosting and an affiliate program are as follows,

  • Reseller Hosting requires more effort but offers higher rewards. Managing affiliate programs are accessible as you get a link, and you must promote them. There is no need for any website data management.
  • Affiliate programs are easy to start with no expertise needed. However, you need basic knowledge about maintaining your website in a Reseller Hosting plan.
  • Reseller Hosting allows for price control and unique branding. In affiliate, you don’t have to think about pricing and branding.
  • Affiliate programs have no setup costs, while Reseller Hosting requires some initial investment.
  • Reseller Hosting offers more flexibility and customer base control than affiliate programs.


The choice is entirely yours to decide which one to choose. Reseller Hosting services and affiliate programs are suitable for earning extra money and growing your business over time. 

However, we suggest a reseller account as it can provide better income potential with improved branding. You also get customer support from the provider and more control over your web hosting services.


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