Here’s Why Spain Is Cheaper Than the Rest Of Europe

Minerva Biven
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Spain is a beautiful country that is a home of inventions and opportunities. Many people decide to leave their home country and decide to live in Spain every year. One of the main reasons why people move to Spain is its affordable living. On average, Spain is 11% cheaper than the rest of the European countries. Companies in Spain provide services at a competitive price. And to ensure that no company is fooling the people, Spanish residents use platforms like OpinionesEspana to leave reviews and make it easier for others to know about a company. Are you thinking about moving to Spain but want to know why it’s more affordable? Keep reading this article to find out. 

Food Is Affordable 

Mediterranean diet is one of the world’s most delicious and nutritious diets. But in Spain, it’s affordable for people on a tight budget as well. You can enjoy outstanding meals in a gorgeous restaurant at an extremely affordable price unless you avoid going to restaurants meant for tourists. Local hotels provide everything you may find in the expensive hotels and ensure that their prices are catered for budget buyers. However, if you want to improve your finance situation in Spain, you can also decide to cook food at home to save even more money. 

Taxes Are Low

Taxation can be heavy on your pocket in Spain like in other countries if you are not watchful. But, if you have the right info and take appropriate steps, you can save yourself from paying hefty taxes in Spain. Spanish government takes appropriate measures to ensure that taxes are low for people who have made their way to live in Spain. You can avail the benefits of double treatment conventions to avoid paying double taxes. Moreover, if you apply for the Beckham Law, you can easily enjoy the major tax deductions while living in spain. Lower taxes make it more lucrative for expats to live in Spain. 

Competitive Transport Fares

Unless you are a person who strives to show off, you don’t have to use your car for commuting at all. The network of buses and metro services in Spain allows you to reach any destination faster with affordable fares. Another reason why you shouldn’t rely on your car for reaching your office is the heavy traffic on Spanish roads. The availability of reliable public transport in Spain rules out the need for personal transport and makes a living even more affordable and fun for everyone.

The Presence Of Chinos

Chinese industrial revolution has made its way to Spain as well. Just like the One Dollar Shops and Poundland shops, you can find pretty much everything at a fraction of a price inside Chinos. A Chinese owner usually runs a Chino, and you can find a Chino in almost every corner of the country. The best thing about Chinos is that they allow you to shop for almost all the things you may need. You have to remember that there is no other place that sells items at more competitive prices than Chinos. When in need, visit a Chino indeed!

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