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Minerva Biven

When a brand is thriving, there’s normally a desire to increase it.

Disneyland was an extension of Disney motion pictures. It reflected some of the magic of the videos, but designed something new and worthwhile as perfectly. Disneyland had some of the Disney essence and then built something additive and new.

Apple did the very same point with the Apple iphone in extending the brand of the Mac.

On the other hand, the new Leica enjoy is simply just a memento. It is not a superior look at. It’s not more of a Leica than any of a dozen other overpriced watches could be noticed to be. It’s simply just there to remind you that you favored the original. It’s a souvenir of a sensation, not the creator.

Absolutely nothing mistaken with a souvenir. I’m positive Leica will make a financial gain from their enjoy with tiny problems to the promise that the model alone makes. But make as well lots of souvenirs and you come to be a hollow shell, wasting the probability to make the transform you request.

The crappy t-shirt you acquired at your favorite musician’s live performance is a souvenir, but they shouldn’t count on that as their legacy or the motor of their expansion.

All working day, person creators have to make options about what they are going to do up coming. In some cases we can make an extension. And at times, we come to a decision to make a memento as an alternative.

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